Zoom Q8 Handy Video Recorder Review

Trial Run

On 10/01/16 I did a interview with the band I recorded. I want to show you how it came out and explain how I had things setup so you can see for yourself how this video camera works. Just keep in mind I am a novice and I am learning the options that are packed into this recorder.In the video below you will see that we are up in the loft at Bad Kitty Junction. The lighting there is blue colored so these are the fist things we had to over come. The next thing is we were using the stock microphones that come with the Q8 and we should of turned them up just a little more. But I am pleased with how this came out.


First Tune Recorded of the night

As you can see it was really dark. Also mic’s  were just a little to loud. But I think it came out pretty good. We were setup in the loft above the stage so they have plastic mounted in front of  ledge so drinks don’t get knocked  off onto the audience below. You will also see us using the zoom feature. Again I think the quality of both the video and audio are superb. But the zoom is not as good as I hoped.


Q8 Video Settings

In the video below you will see that we changed the lighting setting. Rockervera changed the light setting her choices were concert lighting ,night,or low concert lighting. She changed it to night and that gave her the lighting she was looking for. She also adjusted the volume just a bit through out the night. Again we are just learning about this and I hope we are helping all are finding this to be very helpfull.


Zoom Q8 Handy Cam Features  hero-q8

  • High-definition video
  • High- resolution audio
  • 160 degree wide angle lens
  • Digital zoom
  • Interchangeable mic capsules
  • 2 XLR/TRS inputs
  • 4 channel audio recording
  • Touch screen full color LCD
  • Built in speaker
  • Headphone line out jack (Highly recommend using this feature for audio adjusting)
  • HDMI out put (for video monitoring)
  • USB output ( connection to computer)


Our rating of Zoom Q8

       With all the features and possibilities of the Q8 we give it a 4  star rating. The only reason we give it 4 stars is because we think the zoom feature could be better. As we get more experience with this cam corder we will do update. So expect to see more video’s here.                                  

Please leave any comments or questions below. Have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Zoom Q8 Handy Video Recorder Review”

  1. Great review on the zoom video recorder. Seems like you had a lot of fun using it. I’m quite surprised by the price of the zoom recorder, it’s really affordable, considering the features you’re getting.

    Would be awesome to see a video review from you, about the zoom Q8. And perhaps you could show us some recording techniques that will help produce better quality videos and audio.

    Great review!

    1. Thank you. Yes we had a great time will be posting more as we work the Q8. I am a little camera shy but I will over come. I should of been in the interview. As i get in different lighting and staging situations I will post here. There is so many options with this camera would encourage others that are also doing video recording to leave a reply and share your knowledge. Have a great day all !

    1. I am glad you are enjoying the Zoom Q8. As I learn more I will post here.If you have any questions or tips please come back and share. Thank You and have a great day!

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