Zoom Q8 and Open Mic Night

Hi all! Today I will be sharing performances from open mic at The Showboat Saloon.

These performances where from 3 open mic sessions all in October All videos recorded on the Zoom Q8 handy video recorder. In this first video Mathew Linkmeyer is performing. He is the host of open mic. This will show you how a typical open mic starts.  As you can see very informal. This is a fun and friendly way to kick off  an open mic night. Hope you enjoy this video.

How can you perform?

Typically there is a sign up sheet. You will be asked your name and what instrument you will be performing. The host will talk with you and find out more information about how do you want to perform (solo or group) if you have a group you want to play with you talk to the host he will work with you to have you perform together. Generally speaking the host is the go to guy. He coordinates all activity on the stage. Usually very friendly and wants to help you feel comfortable in performing.

New to this HELP?

In this next video I will show you how musicians just seem to enjoy showing and helping each other learn new technics. This also will be a good example of musicians relationships (see earlier post on musicians and relationships) I rarely see a musician that is unwilling to help another musician or performer. They just seem to get a thrill out of seeing someone get what they are talking about or demonstrating. I get so many great feelings about music when I see moments like this. You can see how much joy,happiness,and pleasure Matt and Kyle Duchic is having helping Rockervera get the hang of hand drumms.

Open mic and Zoom Q8

In this last video my hope is to be showing you how well the Zoom Q8 handy video recorder has performed in live show setting also how much better the sound quality has been since we started to learn about it. Here is Kyle Duchic and Rockervera  performing. Rocker has brought out her version of  hand drum setup. Also would like to share my thoughts on open mic. I truly think that all people that enjoy music in any form should seek out and find an open mic near you. Open mics are great way to get first performances in. They also are great to try new idea or explore possibility. You can also as a seasoned performer just clear your mind to come up with new ideas. So this is why I think open mic nights need to be supported by all.

As always please any questions, comments,or just want to say hi leave them below!

4 thoughts on “Zoom Q8 and Open Mic Night”

    1. I am glad you like the open mic video of Kyle Duchie performing How life Goes on. Keep coming back will be continuing sharing his and others. Have a great day Carolyn!

    1. Hi Carolyn glad you like the Q8. I agree it has been working flawless. Please keep coming back and joining in on the conversations here. I am here to help you to get whatever your musical tastes requires. Again have a great day Carolyn!

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