Your Children’s Mind and Music


baby fun with music

Hi all. I really like the subject of children and music. There is a ton of information and research being done on how music affects children. In this article I intend on showing you how much music can improve your children’s education  and your relationship with them. I have two musical children. They now are adults and I have seen first hand how music helped them throughout their life’s. It has been an amazing journey so far!



What age do you start?

baby listening to music

Well the earlier the better. You can start when they are in the womb. Actually if you listen to music daily when expecting you have most likely started and just don’t realize it. Yes your baby can hear sounds while in the womb. But there is no direct evidence if you supply music to a fetuses it has a profound effect because it is to hard to monitor and know what the movements actually mean. So lets talk about new borns and lets say to two years old.

Infant Children

With infant children one thinks what can you do with music that can help them. Well singing a lullaby can sooth a fussy baby. Also there is research on how classical music pathways in the brain are very similar to the spatial reasoning pathways in our brains. So when an infant listens to classical music it opens the spatial reasoning pathways that help identify shapes (as in puzzle peaces) etc..

Playing  with your infant

rattles to play with baby

While playing with your infant is a big part of how they learn. One thing you can do is buy some rattles and lightly tap your baby with the rattles in time with the music. They do seem to enjoy the attention and you will see how it excites them. You want to tap there knees,toes feet,arms,hands, and fingers. I hope you give this a try and that both you baby and you enjoy that time.



In conclusion 

This is in no way saying that this is how you can train your infant to be musically inclined. But it going to help them have better spatial reasoning. It will also be a very enjoyable experience for both parents and baby. I do think that doing anything with music truly brings joy to most people no matter what the age is. I know my grandson who is nine months old enjoys this time. So I really hope if you have any comments or suggestions you leave them below. I am also leaving a few places that you can find baby rattles. Have a great day!

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