Why I love music



Music has been a big part of my life. Sense I was a child I remember my mother playing the accordion. Then as a teenager my brother’s started playing guitar. He would play over and over the house of the rising sun. I hear him play it today. Now my daughter rockervera is a percussionist. She started playing in grade school. She is an adult now. But man the memories created! I have another daughter who plays bass. She does not play in front of people she just likes to play by herself. I helped with sound moving equipment lighting of by brothers band when I was a teenager. So I grew up with music. I like to see live bands. Have seen a lot of big artist over the years. But now I enjoy mostly local musicians. There are so many talent groups out there. They produce cd’s. In the future here at rockervera I want to sell upcoming artist’s cd’s. As a way to give back to what they have given me. So I am writing this on new years eve. I hope all have a great 2016. Keep the love of music going. It helps bring calm and peace to this world.


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  1. Music has been my passion in the past 45 years or so, I mean classic music mainly. So after seeing your title I was naturally attracted, hoping to see some more. But I have feeling that this article is unfinished, or this is just my bad impression. It is so short, I must say I have expected much more. Thank you.

  2. Your knowledge of music seems extensive. Eagerly awaiting the complete package. My favorite concert was Tina Turner. Do you have a favorite one too?

  3. Great article!

    As a drummer, I can appreciate your intro picture you have posted. It sounds like music runs in your family, which is awesome. Have you ever thought of starting a family band? Who knows, maybe you could make it big one day…

    If you need a drummer for this, give me a call!

    Take care!

    1. Hi and thank you for your comment. Actually my daughter rockervera is a drummer also. Really appreciate your comments. Have a great day,

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