What Open Mic Really Is!

The difference between open mic and karaoke!

Most people mistake karaokee to be the same as a open mic! They are actually two different things. Karaoke is just for singing and showing off you singing skills. You walk into the environment its more someone singing lyrics to a CD or some kind of track. I have not done karaoke myself so I cant give a ton of information on this half but I am well educated in open mic’s. Open mic’s are singers ,song writes ,musicians, artists, poetry, readers, magicians,  and ballon animals its mostly depending on location but it is showing off you talents on a stage!


My first open mic experience was at a small coffee shop located in Wisconsin! All I remember is being extremely nervous knowing that I had people wanting me to showcase my Drumset talents! So me and my family show up at the coffee shop and it smelled amazing in there but out of the corner of my eye as I stepped inside I saw the stage my heart instantly sank.  This is where a local band was standing up there jamming out and  showing off there talents a guy who played acoustic guitar was show casing his talents  after them.Once he was done he announced that he was the open mic host. I sat and watched to see how things where done finally they announced if you wanted to try anything you need to sign up on a piece of paper they kept in front but also if you know people sometimes they will just call you up. well with me being a first timer my nerves where all over the place so the open mic host came over and welcomed me. I had drumsticks in hand so he kind of new.. haha .. I started off with compliments so he decided to call me up and let me jam a song out with him now remember at open mic’s you don’t really practice before going on only if you want! Me as a drummer I usually have them start off and I jump in. So him and a guy on harmonica started in on a song I nervously sat there counting off my beats and jumped on in with the biggest smile on my face they started playing knocking on heaven’s door one of my favorites to jam too. We rocked that stuff out!!! Once I was done I got off Stage. The two guys I jammed with came over and said I was welcome to play with them anytime again and had people getting to know me left and right. Once I  got done meeting people I got to watch others perform some did poetry other did balloon animals! Lets just say I returned for months after that.

The difference between bars  and coffee shops open mics!

Doing a open mic at a bar is more for adults  then at a coffee shop because you have to be 21 plus! But you still get the same crowd as the coffee shop!! Its just the group at a bar are a little more crazy because people are drinking and up cheering and dancing ! I have played at a bar and coffee shop open mic’s to me the coffee shops are more chill people are sitting  and drinking there beverage and enjoy the entertainment. when they cheer most stay seated and clap compared to the bar where people are up standing and by the stage cheering and dancing waving there arms and having a good time. It is also all ages for coffee shops as well so kids are there enjoying a good time while parents are socializing! In bar environments its usually 21 plus and people are
drinking some get tipsy and loud but I have never dealt with a mean crowd at the bar or a coffee shop everyone is always welcoming and showing you tips and even becoming long time friends. I have also notice the bars have more light effects on stage then a coffee shop! They usually have just a main stream light for when you play. Open mic’s are usually once a week so you get people who are local and people who are from all over. So sometimes when you walk in you know who will be calling you up and new possibilities right when you step in the door. I would recommend for anyone who hasn’t check out a open mic to go ahead and do so. Even if you don’t play there is always something interesting at these events and i’m sure you’ll find your passion thrown in there!


open mic at  a bar

coffee shop open mic 

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