What are we doing?

Here at rockervera we want to help you find whatever your musical thirst is!

our page offers

  • We are working toward selling musical instruments.
  •  writing reviews of the products we have personal experience with.
  • Giving opinions on current musical controversies.
  • offering advice on beginning lessons
  • musicians network so musicians can connect and form bands or discussions

We would like for all to leave comments on any products offered here. We are striving to be the number 1 place for all people interested in music. Weather you are a music lover, artists ,fans, instructors,etc. We are currently forming the rockervera band here in USA central Wisconsin.

Music lover?

When i say music lover I am generally speaking of people that enjoy music in whatever way they choose.

Artist? ( musicians,performers)

These are the people that perform music. In whatever way the choose. Playing an instrument,vocalists,digitally,etc.


Can include the above mentioned but I think these are more people that go to live performances. Buy clothing, posters of their favorite artist’s.


Those people that teach and direct.

if you have any questions or concerns or would just like to give an opinion we would greatly appreciate it! please leave a comment and I will respond as quickly as possible! thank you

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