Hi all I am very happy to bring to you up and coming artists. I have brought you others in the past,but I really like this artist Jake O’McCluskey.  I recently seen Jake O’ he has such a powerful stage presents. This young man will get you up and dancing. He has a great band also. The Jake O’ McCluskey Band. He has a new cd out called the hollow years. You can see him live here in Wisconsin USA. He also has a youtube channel. I have known Jake for some years now from his days of appearing at open mic nights at Kettle and Cup. If you can’t tell I highly recommend giving him a listen.


ABOUT JAKE’O McCluskey                                  

AGE. 23


Genre. Rock and Roll,Rhythm and Blues,Soul

Band Members
Jake O’ (Singer-songwriter, guitarist, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist)
Vandenberg AFB, California
Record Label
Current Location
Madison, W


Over the summer I went to see Jake O’ play at a local outdoor music concert. From the first song he brought a stage presents and enthusiasm that just captured the audience attention. He just has an oracle energy that draws you to your feet. You really need to experience his performance. Yes it is an experience, he has the ability to make you feel like every song he is performing just for you. He has that star quality about him. He is a handsome young man that I think the ladies like. He sings plays guitar and dances the entire show. His music has many styles combined, some rock, blues, soul, and a touch of country all combine his style. He puts on a show that is family friendly  but definitely not kid music but his beats do make the kids dance as well as adults. Over the summer Jake O’ released a CD called The Hollow Years in which you can find on I tunes if you would like to hear it click here.

Jake also did an interview on radio station WRPQ-99.7 FM in Baraboo ,Wi.

Jake O’ also has his own you tube channel please subscribe. Here is one of his videos from The Hollow years.


Jake has been very busy working on his music. He just keeps getting better every time I see him. Here is a link to his facebook page.

The rumor is Jake O’ is presently working on a new album and will be released in the spring. I am looking forward to this release to see where is going to take his music. Jake O’ can be seen live on th 20th 0f January 2018. At an event called art in the dark. Big line up starts at 6P.M. ends at 2A.M. The event is being held at 

GEM City Saloon

124 Ash St, Baraboo, Wisconsin 53913


I hope to see all at this event as I am planning on attending. If you have any questions or comments please I urge you to leave them below. Have a great new year.


  1. Jake’O was at the Winter Dance Party in Baraboo, WI the other evening. He had the people dancing and and sweating up the place. Great energy!!

  2. Jake is a very talented young musician he has tons of events all over ! Definitely worth seeing always have people up and dancing ! Ton of fun at his events !

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