Song Writers Please Unite My Country !

Unite My Country

I am writing this article because I feel that the music industry has always been a major influence on the moral values of each generation.So I am challenging song writers of today to write songs that tell about great moral values. In these times we need you to help lift us up.Please read and think about what I am asking.

Moral Values?

Ok here is examples of what I am talking about. In the 60’s and 70’s  we had a lot of songs written anti-war, peace,love and understanding. So Bruce Springsteen covered this with his song ‘Whats so funny bout peace love and understanding”. A very famous song that can be heard today on radio. I do believe we need to go backwards to move forward. So please no more gang banging I will shoot you songs showing bad moral values.

Backwards? Forwards?

What I am asking is for song writers and musicians to write one song this year about Anti-hate,Anti-discrimination,and Anti-violence. You have the ability to influence others in your songs just like they did in the 60’s and 70’s. Yes move backwards to unite our country the world and move us forward. I do not think I am giving music to mech credit with this task. You have our ears and attention. Please just try to do as I ask. I truly believe in the power of music and how it effects our daily lives.


Yes music has been over many years political. Look at Bob Marley was one of those singer song writers that tried to unify and bring change to his country. So he asked his people to get up stand up  for your rights. You can’t get more political than that. So I guess I am asking the music industry to get up stand up and unify the moral values in  my country and the world.

Famous Artist Challenge

I have a challenge for some of our iconic musicians and song writers. To unite and colaberate together for some epic somgs that are intended to lift up your fellow man. Here is a short list of artists that have the talent and proven examples of what we need.

  1. Bob Dylan
  2. Eric Clapton
  3. Gregg  Allman
  4. Buddy Guy
  5. Tom Petty
  6. Bruce Springsteen
  7. Willie Nelson
  8. John Mellencamp
  9. Blake Shelton
  10. Steve Miller

This just a few there are so many more. Can you imagine what they might come up with if they would take on this project.

Local Artists Challenge

I live in central Wisconsin USA. We have a large pool of local singer song writers. here. Very talented some tech song writing at local schools. So I lay down the same challenge to them. Spring is around the corner you could kick it off with a new song that will up lift your community. You could also help new comers to write songs that fall into what I ask all to do.

Here Is My Challenge  To All

In the coming year when you see some bad moral values  please try to think of what you can do to stop it and improve the situation. Write your favorite artist and ask them to join in on my challenge.We can make a difference in so many lives if we work together to spread the word that are moral values need to be better than ever before. Music is a great way to get the message out there that we have had enough and want to change things to come in a positive way. Here I will leave you with a link to The Allman Brothers Band Revival Please click on it give it a listen and think about what I wrote.

One last thing I ask you is if you have any comments  weather it is to agree with me or disagree please leave them below. Have a great day!

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