Lets Get Everyone Involved!

ROCKEVERA has way more then just she also has a youtube and a Facebook page to follow as well!! They will be linked below! We as Rockervera are trying to bring creativity to our website and get people involved! In our comments we don’t only want comments about our site but we want a discussion of artists finding other artists and bringing connections around the world! I would love to make this a fun and engaging experience for all and to help other musicians out there looking to have more involvement!Even if it is just hooking them up with bands threw this website or just getting music conversations going.

I know being a musician myself expressing my music threw my pages is a big deal and I love to share it. Sometimes in my career thats all I have to lean on to get noticed and share the fun of music! So if any of you would like you can add your pages in the bottom where the comment box is and start getting noticed as well! Because just one engagement can totally change a musical career! You just never know when another artist might be in the area and looking to jam! I find every comment, link, events and items shared is another step in my career because you just never know where it may lead to. Id love to get to know you all and be part of it! Im hoping this will start having the music flow from this page like it should be! Just remember It doesn’t even have to be just videos! It can be pages, posts, dates, concerts, things you love about music, bands, songs, events!!! Just one comment may lead to making you smile threw out your day and also finding new friends! I am hoping that is what this post will do bring a journey into someone life.

                                                                                     ROCKERVERAS youtube


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