Pro Mark drum sticks

Over the years Rockervera and I have bought a lot of drum sticks. She currently uses Pro Mark 7AN sticks.She box-1102903_640 played many different types. There are different woods available, Hickory,Oak, and  Maple for just a few examples. There are custom sticks. You have to choose tips wood or nylon. You will have to choose the size you want.The choices out there is unbelievable.





Drum Stick Size

Wood drum sticks are commonly described using a number follow by a letter or two. The numbers tell you drum-sticks-1377492_640the weight of the stick. They range from 2 (heaviest) to 9 (lightest). The letters tells you what kind of tip. So here is an example of what rocker uses. She likes the 7AN. The 7 is a lighter stick than a 5. The AN stands for nylon tipped. The B description is a rounder tip than A. The exact meaning might differ from manufactures. The most common stick recommended for beginning drummers is the 5B. Here is a picture and description of the different parts of a drum stick.


Pro mark Sticks

For Rocker she has found they stand up to what she plays. They only break when she has played themto much. She does use the 7AN and 5B depending on what she is playing. She also finds that for her the balance ant tone is what works for her. Thats the key to buying sticks balance, grip,sound,longevity, is all a personal choice. As usual please leave a comment or question below.

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