President Trump and Protest Music

Protest Music

I wrote an article to challenge song  writer’s music to unite my country. Low and behold here we have it. We have been seeing a lot of protest on different subjects. It is coming in the form of protest chants and on a lot of different subjects. President Trump is making multiple headlines every day. This has been giving the way for a lot of rallies all across my country and around the world. This does bring opportunity for song writers to join in .

Who Has Been Showing Up ?

Here is just a few of the performers that appeared and spoke at the resent rally. Gloria Steinem,Janelle Monae,Cecile Richards, Lady Gaga, are among the musicians that have attended rallies. They called this the women’s rally  but my opinion is this turned out to be much more than that. The reality is men women kids attended. There was many different reason’s why they where there. Some sang others chanted . This was a peaceful gathering of people expressing there concerns about the future for all around the world.

How this links with music

Well this links to music because music generally tells a story. Weather it is about love,interests, or a political view. In the blues you have stories of hardship which unite people in thinking hey I am not the only one that has this going on in my life. There is just so many stories being told in music so there is always going to be opportunity  for new stories to be written. That is just one of the great things about music. There are always going to be stories to be told.

The future of music

When ever I think of the future of music I can’t help but think of the famous line “the blues had a baby and they named it rock and roll”. With that thought in mind here is how I look at it. Since the first mote was heard it has been repeated in one form or another. So I think that every peace of music that has been made has a piece of that first note in it. There will always be someone expressing them selfs through music. So logic say’s that if this is true the future of music is bright. Each generation will have their own way of expressing it but it will always have a peace of that first note in it. So I do encourage all to pickup anything and tap it blow through it strum it or whatever comes to your mind and express yourself. Tell your story. Your point of view. Thats how music is and always will be.


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