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Rockervera uses a Tama drum kit. I bought it for her a few years back. It has been an excellent kit. She wants to try another type of wood. I think for the darker sound she is looking for she should try Maple wood more expensive but it will give her the deeper tone she is looking. The Tama kit she is currently using is made of Birch wood it offers boosted high frequencies, slightly reduced midrange, good low-end punch. Loud and cutting


Some wood choices

wood options

Here is some wood choices and some sonic properties.

Maple: Even amount of highs and mids, slightly warm lows. All-purpose.

Birch: Boosted high frequencies, slightly reduced midrange, good low-end punch. Loud and cutting.

Mahogany: Muted highs, smooth midrange, warm/rich low end. Vibrant and resonant.

Walnut: Equal amount of highs, mids, and lows. Big and warm.

Oak: Soft highs, good amount of midrange, slightly warm lows. All-purpose with fairly quick decay.

Beech: Pronounced highs and mids, good low-end punch. Sensitive and focused.

Cherry: Boosted highs, punchy midrange, average low end. Bright and sensitive.

Poplar: Soft highs and mids, boosted low-end warmth. Smooth and eve.

Ash: Pronounced, warm highs and mids, average low end. Throaty and warm.

This is just a short list of woods used in drum manufacturing. There are other materials used in drum shells that are not wood. We will be doing more research on these for future posts.

Selecting a drum kit

Drum kits

Selecting a drum kit can be a confusing thing. There is a lot of choices. but the thing to remember is what do you want in sound. This is a personal  choice as you can see withe the of some woods used. When I purchased the kit for Rockervera I choose the birch wood because she was getting far enough along in her drum career and for being her first brand new set I thought the birch wood be a good sound for her to continue to grow as she figured out what her music taste and sound was going to be. So if you are buying a kit for a beginner I think a quality low to mid range kit and cymbal package is what you will want to choose. For experienced drummers you will already have a good idea of what you are looking for. But if have questions about Drum kits or shells please leave a comment. I will do all I can to clarify and help you with any questions or comments you may have. Below I have selected a few kits for you to look over. As always have a great day!