Open Mic Night

Who has gone to open mic?

Hi for years I have been going to open mic nights. I have seen a singer-1158798_640lot of great talented musicians Rockervera enjoys going and performing at open mic’s. We believe that if you enjoy music weather to perform or listen you have to support open mic nights. The reason all in any level of music interest should  is this is the stage where new  and seasoned performers come to hone,explore,and meet new people.  We will always  support this platform. Where else can  this very important growth of musics future grow?



What kind of equipment will you find?

Every place you go will have different equipment set up. I have speak-238488_640found that the size of the place doesn’t matter. It depends on who is hosting it and what kind of budget they have. I have seen little equipment provided to big stage, lighting, and full pa setup. But at each place the one thing I have found is the atmosphere generally welcoming and all levels are encouraged to join in. By the way never seen a tin can and string setup. But this guy don’t seem to mind.


Where do open mics take place?

Open mic’s are in different  places. Tavern (bar ) coffee shop’s and restaurants tavern-237120_640are the most common places they can be found. You can search the internet for local places that  host open mic’s. My favorite way is to visit local business’s and find out they do have open mic







A  Personal Invitation

We would like you take a look at Rockervera and I first time in front of camera .


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