Jam With The Fam


I know as being a musician summer time and good weather is exciting!! That means festivals and live music season will be starting up outside again. I am always looking up for new festivities and fun events going on in my area! When ever attending these events always be prepared for the weather some are rain or shine! so I always come prepared for what might hit.Just remember I am not only a drumset player but I am also a audience!! I just love checking out new bands from famous to locals. and chatting with them and seeing whats up! Some I know here in Wisconsin and are long time friends and have added me on facebook and help me out with my music life as well!!  


There is all kinds of events that are friendly for the family and free to enter! Which is great to be able to bring your kids along and share the experience with them! I would recommend googling some musical events in your area you might be surprised with what you find! Some offer carnivals and free admission to other events that are going on along with what they have! So what can beat a fun few days of music outside and family time! My favorite part is meeting new people and Dancing up the night as the lights hit your face and the smell of summertime foods hit the air! Also always making new friends and people who are into the same thing as you are!! Then at the end of the festivals camping usually comes with some of these events so we hit up acoustic style around a campfire drinking a few cold ones of course and keep the fun going as kids cook smore’s!! 





The fun just never ends with musicians and these events and the memories will be with you for life!  As a musician we have so many possibilities and fun things we can be involved with. You just never know who you will meet at these events. You could be chatting and the next thing your taking numbers and information to keep in contact and jam later on. You just never really know. So as I have said in my other posts always take everything you do as another opportunity Even if you not a musician at these event there is so many different kinds of people and other event going on. The event usually  has a huge age group  from young to adults and we all always become a big family and enjoy the mini vacation that these events bring us too! I guarantee that you will make new friends by the end of these events and have a great time dancing. So with that being said don’t forget if you want front stage access to get to your events plenty early or you will be shoving threw a very thick crowd. Summertime is on the way start looking for musicians by you check them out and support what they do! Don’t forget to meet them and have conversations there human too and love to share the inspiration we send out to others! Also bring smiles to our loving fans don’t forget you camera to get the photos and memories to share with all!

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