Music Comes In Many Different Ways.

Finding Music Within


Music comes in many ways you can simply sit outside and listen to a bird chirping a melody, construction workers pounding out a beat, To the radio playing in the distance. No matter where you are music surrounds us if you really listen. So you don’t have to play a instrument to be involved in musical life style. Next time your walking out the door listen see what you hear maybe you find yourself tapping out a beat to a sweet bird whistle. haha.


 Ok say your sitting at work doing what you need to get done I know most places have music playing in the back ground. the next thing you know you favorite song or band come on in the background your singing to lyrics in your head. Music comes in such a variety from rock to heavy metal. Rap to hip hop. All around the world theres different bands and music. As I was sitting at the bar the other night I was talking to a bartender behind the bar and she knows nothing on music but we talked about all kind of bands And the memories she had at concerts how things where different from when she was young to how concerts are now. I bet when she said she knows nothing on music she didn’t realize she was part of the music and is actually involved in so many different ways. so before you say you don’t know much on music are not involved just sit back and think ! Maybe you will realize your are way more involved then you even realized!


I truly feel like music flows threw everyones body like a ocean with its waves! Just a lot of people don’t realize it and more people need to feel the emotions and just let it flow threw them. Once you sit and let the feelings flow about you feel like your in another world! It is a amazing feeling! No one can explain you would have to feel it yourself! No matter from a good day to a bad. blast that radio sing or dance out your feelings! Even just jamming it on out releases such powerful emotions threw. But let the magic flow and never shut it out!

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