Music Changes Everyday!


Here at ROCKERVERA we realize that music is changing everyday. So we have made a change in hopes of the-band-1456888better helping you with your music needs.  The above drawing is our logo drawn by my daughter Melissa. We hope all weather you are a musician ,singer,song writer,photographer,manager, or just a music enthusiast we can help you. Yes help we are here to help you. That is what we love to do.  No question is dumb. Please ask we will do all we can to answer any and questions. This is just part of  the services we offer here. If I can answer one question that will help someone we have accomplished just a part of our services here. Would like to help as many as possible find the answers to what makes there music  world stay in harmony.     So I hope all like our new look please leave a question or a comment on how this site is working for you.

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