Snark is a very nice inexpensive tuner. I personally have used them. I own one and have given them for gifts. I highly recommend them. Best tuner for the price the clip on design and ease of  use. Beginners to pro’s use snark.

It is very easy to use just clip on tuner head of string instruments turn it on and it is ready to use.  Here I clipped it on the tuning head of a ukulele and turned it on.20160825_163140


Just strum the string you are trying to tune.                                                                                                               It will show you  a graph turn tuning  key until the graph shows center green.

As you can see in this photo the graph. It is green the string is in tune for that note.But if it is red before the center you need to tighten until it moves to center green.Where if it was yellow you would loosen the string until  the graph is green. It is that easy to use. Truly and all ages tuner.                                .20160825_163258


As far as accuracy it says it right on the box!

When compared to higher end plug in tuners it was as accurate as them. Dead on accuracy.

So I highly recommend snark for the price ease of use and accuracy you will not be disappointed .




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  1. hello id like to know more about snark. how does it work? how accurate is it? is it something that is easy to do quick tunings inbetween songs with? also curious what batteries does it take? if you could please write more id appreciate it!

    1. Hi Jasmine! I am happy to help with your request. I am updating the page and answering all the question you had. Thank you very much. Your comment is deeply appreciated.. please let me know if you have any other questions I can help you with have a great day!!!

  2. This is a very informative website not only for music development, but also for learning how to set setup for performances as well as the instruments needed. I can easily see your passion for music and everything it entails

    1. Thank you for your comment . We are trying to be informative as well as supportive of all who love music.From performers to those that are trying to learn. This is a big niche for all and can be over welming to most. We hope that we wil bring the information to make it a little easier to develop there passion. Have a great day.

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