Inexpensive Drummers Christmas Wish List

Happy Holidays

Hi I would like to start off with wishing you the best in this holiday season. Hope all have a safe and happy holiday. This is really the christmas-315663_640musicians holiday christmas music and trying to present your talents in a happy time of the year.So my friends lets get some idea’s on what can my drummer need or want.








Drum Sticks

Drummers go through a lot of drum sticks. It is there number one expense. Depending on often and how long they play will be a drum-sticks-933186_640reindeer-160878_640factor on how may pairs of drum sticks they use in a year. You can buy single pairs and they start at around seven US dollars. I have written a post on this subject. Click here to read it.







Stick Wrap

What is stick wrap? It is tape you wrap around your sticks for better grip. You can easily loose your grip on sticks because you are holding them lightly at times when performing. So one way to help you keep a hand on the stick is to use stick wrap. You simply start at about mid body and wind it evenly around the stick. You should end up at the butt of stick. There are many styles to choose from.


This is a fun and easy instrument to use. Anyone can play it all you have to do is hit or shake it in time with the music. But be warned over use while a band is performing can distract for the performance. As with most things in life over use is not recommended. You can find tambourine’s for as little as $7.95 US  dolars.



These you can find in many colors sizes and are great stocking stuffers. I have given these in the past all ages enjoy them. from toddler to adults. We just like the sound and how easy they are to use again just stay with the beat and have fun.


This is an instrument that can open new doors for playing with others in a acoustic setting. For example christmas day some of your guitarists friends show up and decide they are going to pull out their acoustic guitars now you can join in with out being to loud. If the drummer in your life wants to explore the world of percussion instruments here is a good way to start


Practice Pad

There are many different  style and sizes you can find. The one I gave  Ro0ckervera five years ago for christmas was the real feel practice pad. She played it all the time in the front room kitchen bedroom car where ever she went she would take it. Countless hours she spent using it. Very nice pad double sided she recommends this one because no rim a action on pad is very good. This is great for beginners to those like Rockervera just can’t help themselves on playing all the time anytime.


Well I hope this post helps you with ideas of what to get your drummer for christmas. If you need more suggestions please leave a comment I will be more than happy to help you. Have a great day!

9 thoughts on “Inexpensive Drummers Christmas Wish List”

  1. Hi great page for drummers for sure. I have a friend who ties a string around his wrist that is tied through a hole drilled in the end of his drumsticks. He claims this has helped him immensely with the problem of losing his sticks. Not sure if there is anything like this on the market but I’d be interested if there was!!!

    1. Hi Steven thank you for your comment. They do make a drummer leash. It goes around your finger then another ring goes around the stick. I will do some research on this because i think I have seen a wrist strap. I will leave a message if I find what your friend is using. Have a great day!

  2. Some good products you have going on here. This will be useful as I usually practice with instruments at home. I could really use the stick wrap, indeed once you play the drum for a while using the normal wooden sticks, they get slippery. This will truly help me in my practice. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Joeseph I agree we have also used dip sticks but they are kind of expensive.The wrap can be reused so another plus. We highly recommend the stick wrap. Thank you for your comment have a great day!

  3. My uncle has always been super into the drums, he always gets me some pretty cool gifts every year and I have never thought of getting him anything other than a gift card or something. Now that I have read your article, I feel dumb for never thinking of getting him drum sticks. He plays just about every other day and is usually in there for about 2 hours, how many drum sticks do you think I should get him?

    1. Hi Kenny it is easily missed item. My self usually get 4 pair it depends on how much I am looking to spend. I also recommend the hickory stick because they seem to last the longest. Hope this helps. If you have anymore questions please ask. Have a great holiday!

  4. Hey! I’m really impressed by your drummers Christmas wish list. Even though Christmas season is over I can still give this to my cousin as a birthday gift present. I think that my cousin’s drumsticks is already broken and he needs to replace it soon. For less than $20 I think that I will be able to find pretty cool drumsticks that will last for a long time if he care for it properly. I think that this will be the perfect gift for my cousin. I hope that he will be happy when I give him a drum sticks during his birthday so he can use it on his practice and for his mini concert party. I really appreciate your time for sharing this inexpensive drummers wish list, thank you!

    1. I am glad you like the present list. We are here to help you with anything for music. The drum sticks you can never go wrong giving them dedicated drummers go through a lot of sticks. If I can help answer any questions am will be happy to. Have a great day.

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