How To Make Music Video

How I make music video

How I got started with making music videos was by giving Rockervera a video camera for hero-q8her birthday. Then we decided we needed to gat experience on using it’ So we ask a band that was going to put on a show if we could video record them. They said yes and off we went to record them.




So we arrived at show

When we arrived at where the show was taking place we observed that there was not man-1365568_640much room from bar to stage to set up and not be in the crowd. So we talked with one of the employees and she said they have a loft that over looks the stage. So keep in mind that when going to do live recordings not all places will be ideal for video recording. You have to keep in mind how often some might walk in front of you. How much crowd noise will you be picking up. Is mikes mounted on camera or are you using mikes on stands. Last option are you getting a connection from the sound board.


Next step is lighting

We found that the lighting was too dark and we had not brought any lighting with us. So I hope this is helping you understand things that need to be thought about before you go to video record. Keep in mind that lighting can be a make or break thing when you go to record. If you are outside is the sun shinning into the lens reflecting to bright. Inside is it to dark or is lights pointed in lens again to bright. In the first video I will be showing you a to dark situation. In the second video our camera had four different settings. Our choices were auto,concert lighting,night, and concert low light. In the first video we had it set on concert lighting. In the second we had it set on concert low lighting which saved the night . So having different choices in software of camera came in real handy.


Video choices

As you can see with the three subjects that I have talked about there are choices you have meadow-680607_640to make. There are lighting choice, visual, and audio. The choices you make will determine the choices you have when you go to edit the video. So here is another subject. Video editing which there are a lot of choices to be made when it is editing time.

Video editing

This subject I an still learning about. But i will share some of what I have learned so far.Youedition-1677458_640 can choose to just have raw video. Edit it on computer. When you choose to edit it on computer here is where there is a lot to consider.  Video software you can choose to use what comes with your computer. The next choice is down loading a free video editor or buy video editor software. The prices start low and get more expensive with the amount of choices you want when editing. This is where I am going to leave this subject. I will be doing research and buying a inexpensive video editor so I can pass this information on to you. So please return to get the latest information I share on this subject. If you have any questions, comments or just want to say hi please them below and have a great day!

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  1. video editing has been my hobby by then i have been having problem on editing it more accurately. i sometimes found video not interesting but with the information provided i have got all the information that i have been looking for

    thanks for the service provided and keep me updated with any other information that might arise


    1. Hi jschicanha As you can tell by my post that I am learning as well. Bu goal is to be able to help all with any questions. Please feel free to come back will be posting more on this subject. Thanks for your comment and have a great day!

  2. wonderful, i have been looking for the information on how to make music video.I have a friend who is having a business for taking photos and videos and he have been looking the well quality materials for his business.
    Thank you for giving me guides on how to make the music video.

    best wishes

    1. Hi again jschicanha. Please have your freind stop by here and join this discussion. I would be happy to answer any questions they may have. I would love to have more comments and questions so we all can work together to accomplish our personal and business goals. There is alot more that has not been covered here and plan on keeping this an on going conversation wiith all that are needing help in this subject.I am looking forwars to hearing from you and your friend. So have a great day!

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