How To Make A Music Video #Part 2 Video Editing

Video Editing Software

Hi all I have chosen a video software that was inexpensive to screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-7-30-24-amupgrade. I originally downloaded the free version to find out that when you go to burn cd it leaves a water mark across the screen not very professional looking. The software I decided on choosing is video editor redux-mosaic cut. You will have to search and download it from the Apple app store. This is not a featured app on app store so you will have to search for it. If you have a problem find it please let me know. I am here to help you.

After down loading app

Kyle Duchie at open mic
Kyle Duchie at open mic

The first thing is to open it. Install on computer.  Then I started to drag video’s that I had saved on my desk top into the app. You can see that  there is a couple places you can place it. As you can see I placed it in the dark line. You can place it anywhere on the time line you choose . You can add as many videos or scenes as you like.

Adding text

Next  step is adding text. You can place text in the beginning  beforescreen-shot-2016-11-02-at-6-53-46-pm the video starts or you can place it on top line to have it play at start of video.  This is where you start the editing process. There is a ton of options that screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-6-58-28-pmcan be done at this point.The screen shots to the right will show you that I choose to put text on top so band was playing and text was playing on top of video. The next one shows stars that are animated . The stars appear one at a time then you see the text then they appear again at the end of text. You can stretch how long or short the text plays . This video I created is an hour and seventeen minutes long. The dvd I am importing them to holds an hour and twenty minutes of video. So this is why i choose to put text on top of video shorten the video just enough to have plenty of room to burn it to the  dvd.

Recap of what we have done

So what we have learned so far is.guitar-1019815_640

  1. How to record a video
  2. How we set up for recording
  3. How to look at lighting for good video quality
  4. Video editing software
  5. First step after  downloading software
  6. How to add text

So I know I have been learning  a lot by trying to help you understand some of the process you should go through to make your own music videos. I am enjoying this hope you are too. So I have a question. Would you like me to make a video on the video  on the editing I just wrote about? If so let me know by leaving a comment. All comments are appreciated. Have a great day

4 thoughts on “How To Make A Music Video #Part 2 Video Editing”

  1. Hi there,

    I am a motion graphics designer/editor and I used to utilise high end paid software. I have already left my job and start to do my own thing, Buying expensive software is nowhere in the picture but I would like to still be able to use an editing software that can do simple jobs. How much is this software and you mentioned that the upgrade is not expensive too? Do you have a link where I can check it?



    1. Hi Pitin The upgrade was only $25:99. That is really a good price for the video software that works for smaller projects. At the bottom of this post is a banner for app store. This is where I got it from. Will see if I can get a direct link to it. If you have any problem finding it please let me know I will do all I can to get it for you. Thanks for the comment and have a great day!

  2. Thank you WBuerger for making this site. Because I do photography and animation and I really want to get involved in making music videos. This tutorial helped me out a lot. I like how it shows you step by step on what to and how to do it. I will see can I do this on my own.

    1. Hi Marcus I am glad my article was helpful.We have been committed to help all in there music needs.Stop by anytime and leave comments or questions. Have a great day!

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