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I just received in tee shirts with our logo screen printed  on them. I 20161028_192753am very excited naturally because my bass player daughter Mrs Melissa  drew this logo.Theese shirts are very comfortable and soft. I am wearing one as I write this article.


Description of material

These shirts are made of sixty five percent polyester and thirty five 20161028_192920percent cotton. I have three sizes to choose from medium large and extra large. Recommended  washing is in cold water and tumble dry. At this time we have only black shirt with white graphics. As interest grows we will offer more options.

Free Tee Shirt Contest !

To enter contest is very simple. Just leave a comment  below and you will be entered into contest. The winners will be shipped free of charge one shirt with your choice of size. The way the winners will be choosen is the top two comments will get a free shirt.

Selection of winners

The way the winners will be selected is by the following criteria. Most creative and engaging comments will be the winners. We will be replying and posting all comments that are acceptable. Please no advertising in your comment it will not be posted. Acceptance is sole discretion of This contest starts today and dead lines for entries will end at midnight 11/05/2016 cst. Each shirt is a 20 dollar value. We want to wish all good luck and we are looking forward to having fun with you in this contest. As always have a great day!


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  1. hi i love this tee shirt so much. i want to get one i saw my brothers and my sister inlaws and it was amazing. i cant wait to get one of these tee shirts. This is Jeremy minighs sister. can’t wait.

    1. Hi Sydney. You have been enter in to the contest. Please stop back and join in conversations here. The tee shirt is very comfy and we really like the art work. Hope to be getting more with different colors Have a great day!

    1. Hi Cassandra glad to hear from you. Appreciate the support. Come back any time. If you have a question or just want to talk about music drop in and join us here. Have a great day!

    1. I am pleased you like the tee shirt. As we will be stocking more with different color selections. Hope all that get one will leave a comment on how it fits and how you think they feel as far as comfort. Carolyn have a great day it is a pleasure to help you. Have a great day!

  2. What a great way to get visitors to your site and get interested in your band. Looks like I have just made the deadline, so let’s hope I win 😉

    I love the image that your daughter has come up with, really cool.

    How did you get the name Rockervera for your band? Do you do cover music or do you play your own songs as well?

    1. Thank you Owain. Yes very exciting times at rockervera. Rockervera has her own youtube channel where she has posted videos of her playing. She is in the process right now of auditioning musicians for her band. How she got her name was when she first started playing drum kit she was involved in a band through a local music store and the owner started calling her rockervera and the name stuck with her. The funny thing is I now say to her at times hey rocker to get her attention. Anyone interested in auditioning for her band please leave a comment here and we will give you full details. Owain have a great day!

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