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Music Education

Here at Rockervera we realize that we are here to help all with there music endeavors. We are firm in our beliefs in how music education needs to be free to the young to give them them the chance to expand there  minds which will help them in all aspects of learning. I have written an article on your children’s mind and music. So if you want like to read about this click here.

Education Resources

Here I would like to share with you some resources for music education.  I am creating links here to you tube videos websites that you can use to get more information on music education. I truly want to help you and show you resources that I have looked at and think will help you. So if you are a music educator here is a link I think you will want to look at. If you live in the Chicago Illinois area and have children that you are trying to find resources this might be for you.  The best free resource you have is youtube. No matter if you are looking for free lessons for an instrument or wanting to learn about teaching music youtube will have a video on it. I also have videos on youtube I think this is the biggest free educational tool we have no matter where you live. Just pick a subject type it in the search bar you will get videos how to. Let me know if you need further help if you are not finding what you are looking for.

U S Public Schools

Here in the USA many public schools offer music classes. Rockervera  and my daughter Mrs. Melissa started there music journey in school.  Mrs. Melissa actually  started out playing trombone.  She presently plays the bass guitar. I have seen a lot of great school marching bands. If you love your instrument and can pass an audition you can get a college scholarship. Yes a free college education for playing a musical instrument. Now that is something I support go college marching bands! 

Wisconsin USA

We are located in central Wisconsin so I try to include what I hear or see in my local community. here we have the University of Wisconsin. In there music program they have the 5th quarter marching band they perform at football games and parades. I have seen them in parades in smaller towns. This  is a select small group from the full marching band. They really give a great performance you ever get a chance to see them do it you will not be disappointed.  If you would like to see a short video of what they do click here.                             Most of our local grade schools offer a music class.My children were really fortunate to have some great teacher in grade school and middle school. So I hope i have help you with information on free music education. If you have any questions or comments please leave a comment below. Have a great day!


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