Musician Dylan Clemons and Alabaster Band

How did Rocker and I meet Dylan Clemons?

Approximately 6 years ago we meet Dylan Clemons. Rocker at the time was involved in a music program at a 419358_112601132198444_893409183_nlocal music store. The program involved the music students to pair up and form a band. So Rocker was told that a new student was coming in. Rocker and I showed up for first practice when a very young boy comes walking in carrying an electric guitar case. He opened up case and plugged into an amp at the store. He went through the usual checking tuning and such. This is when my eyes got big. He start cranking out Led Zepplin licks like he wrote them.  I was so amazed that this young boy walks in and can play like that. The photo to the right Dylan is in center talking about the music they are about to rehearse.


In The Following years

Dylan and rocker played together for about a year in total. Playing at various place’s and events, Taste of the 522607_3491803017862_857615293_nDells, Munks, and the Brat house. So as life events happen they left the program and jammed together a few times. They also performed open mic’s at my favorite coffee shop the Kettle and Cup (sadly they are gone). During this time Dylan’s  family ended up having to move to Illinois. But we still kept in contact.He was active in music there. Then before you know it he had joined a band of like minded musicians.



                                                                                ALABASTER !

Here is the band Alabaster . Hope you all like what you see here. High energy, entertaining, and a upcoming band all should see!

  • Created in 2015

  • Genre

    Psychedelic Jam Blues Rock

  • Band Members

    Kyle Smith (Guitar/Backup Vocals) Dylan Clemons (Guitar) Jackson Gibbons (Drums/percussion/Backup Vocals) Nick Adams (Bass Guitar) Joey Lopresti (Lead Vocals)

  • Hometown


  • Short Description

    Alabaster is a psychedelic blues Rock jam band from McHenry Il. We write our own material and throw in the occasional cover song with our own twist.

  • Long Description

    We are a jam band at our roots. Our style is very passionate and energetic. We pour our emotions into every lick and riff we… See More

  • Personal Interests

    We are interested in playing music. Our passion is writing and performing. Festivals, Bars, Back yards, a gig is a gig, we love to play anywhere.

  • Current Location

    Island Lake

  • General Manager

    Dennis Percevecz

  • Artists We Also Like

    Space Monster, Wanyama, The Dylan Doyle Band, Bronson Rock, and Dead Larry

  • Influences

    Led Zeppelin, Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush, Budgie, Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower, The Doors, Rush, Pink Floyd



Up coming performances!

  • 9/16 Penny Road Pub in Barrington, Ill.

  • 9/17 Church of the Angels Festival plusPrivate Event

  • 9/22-24 Sugar Creek Music Festival in Benton, Il

  • 9/30 The Smooth Fox in Elgin, IL

  • 10/1 Changing of the Colors, Bad Kitty Junction, Hillsboro Wisconsin

  • 10/13 Appleton, WisconsinUnion Jack’ s

  • Oct. 7 play the Double Door in Chicago

  • Oct. 8 GD Campout in Hampshire, Il

  • Oct. 9 Black Circle Records in Lake Geneva

4 thoughts on “Musician Dylan Clemons and Alabaster Band”

    1. Actually they are playing in Hillsboro Wisconsin on 10-1-2016. I am planning on going. Hope rockervera will be there to. So if you would like to see them and meet me please attend.

  1. From your description of the band, it seems like they will be an awesome act to catch live. I hope they’ll be big enough to play overseas someday.

    Are there any live or studio recordings available for preview on the internet? Would love to listen to their original tracks, and hopefully introduce them to my friends.

    Thanks for the info!

    1. They are presently working on there first studio album. I will be posting when it is released. Thank you for looking and giving us a comment . Have a great day!

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