Conga Bongo Timbale Latin Beat?

Latin Beat?

Today I would like to talk about conga,bongo and timbale. Are these only for latin music beat instruments? I say definitely  not. In this article I will show you  three bands one in which is Latin rock blues. The other two is very difficult to put into one genre. It is amazing to see different instruments added to music that sometimes hard to put into a category. I think that is one of many reason I live for music.  Hearing the message in music and how artists displays  them always a new view. Constantly changing always trying to express them selves in there own way.So with that thought in mind lets get at it!

The Allman Brothers Band 

Here is an iconic band that has two percussionists. The two on the drum kits were Butch Trucks and Jai Johanny “Jaimoe” Johanson. Jaimoe also played drums,conga, and other percussion instruments.This band has produced music that will be heard for decades to come. This band has a large history that could be an article all by it’s self. One of my favorite songs that congas can be heard is revival. If you would like to listen to this song click here. 

The Greatful Dead

This is another iconic band that has two percussionists. The two on the drum kits were Bill Kreutznamm and Mickey Hart. Mikey Hart played a wide variety of percussion instruments. I seen this band back in the mid eighties was a fabulous show. Yes the dead heads were out in force. Just a wonderful crowd to enjoy their music with. Ok the next video I am going to share with you is long but if you want to see how the Greatful Dead does a drum solo or to see the many possibilities of percussion  instruments this is a must watch click here


Ok I am sure you knew this had to be the third band. Latin rock band. Tied for having the most grammy’s  in one night. This band had a drummer and a percussionists. Micheal Carabello and percussionist Jose Chepito Areas. This band has a huge history also. I also seen a concert they performed and Carlos Santana’s wife joined in on drum kit. There are just to many facts for all three of these bands. could do thee pages on each and still wouldn’t show you all there is to know. In this video they have 4 percussionist Carlos wife joins him on timbale. So for anyone thats wants to see how these instruments can be used with rock music please click here.

My Review on these instruments

I feel that I have shown you that these percussion instruments are not just for latin beat but can be used in many music genre. Hope I have helped you in understanding how much possibility  there is with the large assortment of percussion instruments below you can see where you can purchase some if you would like. Also as always  please leave any questions or comments below. Have a great day!

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