CD’S VS Music Down Loads How the world keeps changing

Hello fellow music lovers!

When compact discs first came out they were competing against vinyl records. I remember saying it just doesn’t have the warmth and tones of vinyl. Today my vinyl collection is in storage, I now have a cd collection go figure. The nice thing with cd’s is you can have a multi disc player, make a play list, put it on repeat, and enjoy your favorite songs. something not offered with my vinyl collection. Other advantages for cds is the ability to travel with them because they are compact, I can play them in my car, I can have a portable cd player and play them where ever I want. So thats why I started getting cd’s and stopped buying vinyl.

Now today we can get music down loads installed on computer or mp3 players, I can even play them on my phone. You don’t have to buy a whole album and can buy single tracks. I love the ability to create a personalized playlist which you can play in most cars since vehicles now have the ability to play mp3 devices. With music down loads you don’t have to wait for them to be delivered to your home or go to a store to get them you have an almost endless variety of music to search through, just about any group or gendre is at your finger tips!  Jazz, rock, country rock, country,blues, folk, rap, to just name a few.  If you are like me I like just about every type of music. So I am very pleased to be offering all to try I tunes for your music down loads here at rockervera!!!!

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