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100_1631Hi my name is Bill. I am married and have 3 daughters. Two of my daughters are musicians. One is a bassist.  The other is a percussionist.  The percussionist  is rockervera. So I have decided that I want to use her name for this website. As for myself I have been involved with bands running sound, lights, and moving  equipment. Lol roady. I really love music . I see a lot of local bands and know quite a few musicians. If you have any questions or comments  please contact me.



Hi I’m ROCKERVERA I’m 21 years old and I am a percussionist. I started when I was only nine years old. I started off with school band and then at 14 I became a drum set player sense then I have grown so much and it’s my life!! I currently am on YouTube and have a Facebook page and youtube to get noticed!  You can click on the words and I linked my pages for you!

  I started off with drum set lessons then had my first band at 14years old. I’ve played at taste of dells, high noon saloon, a country club in green lake, open mic in reedsburg wi and adams friendship wi and so much more! Last year I made a CD at blast house studios in Madison Wisconsin and am hoping to be Street performing in the Wisconsin dells this summer! Music is my life and I’m wanting to bring what has been my life to someone else! Hope you enjoy the site if you have any questions feel free to get ahold of me! Thanks!

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